Anirudh Panda

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I like making stuff and putting it on the internet

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I am an aspiring web developer and a digital marketer who enjoys learning everyday. The goal is not be better than others but your previous self.

I am a MERN stack geek and specializes in SEO and overall Website analysis. I have worked with startups and i wish to work more for the emerging startups all around. Yeah kind of obsessed with Start-ups.

I like calling myself A DANCER WHO CODES and I believe in consistency and hardwork. I write blogs on both Technical and Marketing domains!

👩🏽‍🚀 Projects

I have all my projects on GitHub Mostly I work on Web and also have a decent knowledge of Python Automation and using Selenium.

🏆 Skills


Resume as of March 2021

You are what you believe in. You become that which you believe you can become
― Bhagavad Gita

🌮 Work History

Sinix - Student Developer

Sinix is a gaming platform primarily for HTML5 games which supports games powered by pixi.js, phaser and matter.js out-of-the-box. Sinix also guarantees that every game available on Sinix will playable on every available desktop operating systems. I worked on the NodeJS part of the project and also mantained the CI/CD pipeline of the project.

Login Radius - Open Source Contributor

Contributed to the organization during Hacktober fest 2020.

Marketing Team Member - GIRLSCRIPT SUMMER OF CODE 2021

Working on all Social Media Handles. including LinkedIn, Discord, Instagram, Twitter We got an overwhelming response with more than 6K+ applications for participants all over the country this year. GirlScript Summer of Code 2021 with 5500+ Shortlisted Participants, 350+ Colleges all over the world including 35+ foreign universities, equal gender-wise participation. Other promotion purposes.


About Digital Assets & Preliminary Audit Digital (Social) Media + Content Overview of Facebook & Linkedin About Websites: Domain/Hosting SEO Audit & Tools On-Page SEO Understanding Key Metrics Google Search Console Google Analytics Competition Analysis & Plugins SEO Heatmaps, Off-Page SEO, SEM Key Terms & Metrics Introduction to Adwords

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